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doc:dak:sortie_aptitude_postgresql [2005/08/03 17:20] (Version actuelle)
lehobey créée
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 +Paramétrage de postgresql (7.4.7-6sarge1) ...
 +Creating config file /​etc/​postgresql/​postmaster.conf with new version
 +The files belonging to this database system will be owned by user "​postgres"​.
 +This user must also own the server process.
 +The database cluster will be initialized with locale fr_FR@euro.
 +fixing permissions on existing directory /​var/​lib/​postgres/​data... ok
 +creating directory /​var/​lib/​postgres/​data/​base... ok
 +creating directory /​var/​lib/​postgres/​data/​global... ok
 +creating directory /​var/​lib/​postgres/​data/​pg_xlog... ok
 +creating directory /​var/​lib/​postgres/​data/​pg_clog... ok
 +selecting default max_connections... 100
 +selecting default shared_buffers... 1000
 +creating configuration files... ok
 +creating template1 database in /​var/​lib/​postgres/​data/​base/​1... ok
 +initializing pg_shadow... ok
 +enabling unlimited row size for system tables... ok
 +initializing pg_depend... ok
 +creating system views... ok
 +loading pg_description... ok
 +creating conversions... ok
 +setting privileges on built-in objects... ok
 +creating information schema... ok
 +vacuuming database template1... ok
 +copying template1 to template0... ok
 +Success. The database server should be started automatically.
 +If not, you can start the database server using:
 +    /​etc/​init.d/​postgresql start
 +Creating config file /​etc/​postgresql/​postgresql.conf with new version
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