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 +dak for Debian
 +1. Insanity
 +2. Base Directory
 +3. Initial setup
 +4. Crontabs/​Scripts
 +5. Environment
 +6. Steps to a working dak
 +1. Insanity
 +This is the package for dak, the "​Debian Archive Kit", sometimes known
 +as katie (but katie is "​only"​ a (central) part of it).
 +First: You won't, and you can't, use dak simply by installing this
 +package, but it should help for many things. At least I tried to get it
 +to do this. You need to follow this Readme. Really.
 +Second: ​
 + a. Read the docs.
 + b. Look at the example configs.
 + c. Install mini-dinstall or debarchiver and use them.
 + d. If you still read this you are insane or in a need of a 
 +    ​archive kit for a huge archive and don't want to use
 +    ​mini-dinstall -> go on with dak.
 +2. Base Directory
 +This package asks a debconf question for the base-directory. Most of dak
 +will work in that directory, some default files are also copied there.
 +This package only creates one base directory, but in theorie you can run
 +thousands of dak-setups on a single machine - simply copy the katie/
 +subdirectory to the base-directory for the new dak and run rose there.
 +3. Initial setup
 +After the package is installed, or you added a new base-directory,​ you
 +should edit the configuration files. This package delivers some basic
 +configuration files, which are adapted to the path you enter in Debconf,
 +and then copied to that path. If you later want to look at them again,
 +see /​usr/​share/​dak/​config.
 +More Configuration Examples, including the ones that are in use for the
 +Debian Archive, can be found in /​usr/​share/​doc/​dak together with a whole
 +lot of Readmes for different purposes.
 +4. Crontabs/​Scripts
 +dak needs some jobs started by cron to run properly. For example to
 +process new files in the incoming directory there should be a cronjob
 +doing exactly this every X minutes. For this one there is a ready-to-use
 +cron.unchecked file in your base/katie directory. You only need to setup
 +the entry in katies crontab to let cron execute it every X minutes.
 +The directory /​usr/​share/​doc/​dak/​crontabs also contains a few other
 +example scripts. Please note: They are real-life examples, used on the
 +Debian machines. You don't want to use them exactly like they are, adapt
 +them to your needs. ESPECIALLY CHANGE ALL EMAIL ADDRESSES that are in them.
 +An example crontab for katie is in the file katie.crontab,​ adjust
 +it to your needs.
 +5. Environment
 +You should define SCRIPTVARS in your environment (and that of your dak
 +user) to point to your base/vars file, it's used by many scripts.
 +6. Steps to a working dak
 +a. Have your postgresql up and running. I assume it is on the localhost,
 +   if not change your config files (katie.conf) for dak.
 +b. run createuser YOURDAKUSERNAME with a user that is allowed to create
 +   ​databases and allow YOURDAKUSERNAME to create a database. This user
 +   needs to be superuser in the database as it runs COPY from a file later.
 +d. rose
 +e. Watch how the directories are created.
 +f. Add a group "​ftpmaster"​ to your postgresql database.
 +   At a psql prompt a CREATE GROUP ftpmaster; should do it.
 +   Add your YOURDAKUSERNAME to this group.
 +g. Change to your DAKDIR/​katie and run /​usr/​share/​dak/​neve -a and watch
 +   her creating the database. If it ends with some VACUUM and two GRANTs
 +   it worked.
 +   Be careful, neve DROPS your database, so don't run it if you like the
 +   data that is in that database!
 +h. You need to get your maintainers in the database. The Debian Archive
 +   uses a script (emilie) that syncs with its LDAP Server, but you
 +   ​probably don't want to sync with Debian'​s LDAP. :)
 +   If you have a setup with an LDAP Server, look at emilie and their
 +   ​config options. If not, there is a script called uma which helps you
 +   to do this. You basically give it a keyid with the -k parameter and
 +   it will do the rest, after asking you if you like the action.
 +   If you told it to create a system user for the new account it will
 +   run useradd to do the stuff, for that YOURDAKUSERNAME needs sudo
 +   ​access to useradd, with NOPASSWD set. It will also add new users to
 +   the mail whitelist file, if you have that option enabled (it is per
 +   ​default).
 +i. Repeat step h for every user you have.
 +j. Install the cronjobs you need. Start with cron.unchecked which is
 +   ​already copied in /​YOURDAKPATH/​katie/​cron.unchecked and asks
 +   ​jennifer to process new uploads. The Crontab Debian uses can be found
 +   ​in ​ /​usr/​share/​doc/​dak/​crontabs as an example.
 +k. You should setup the keyring for katie now. Do a command similar to
 +   the following, but adjust your path:
 +   gpg --no-default-keyring --keyring /​opt/​dak/​keyrings/​keyring.gpg
 +l. To let ziyi sign the Release files you need a s3kr1t key.
 +   gpg --gen-key and follow the prompts. Then move it from the home of
 +   ​YOURDAKUSERNAME to the path of "​SigningKeyring"​ from the
 +   ​config. Both, public and private key. Write your Keyid in the config
 +   value "​SigningKeyIds"​. Remember that the signing works automagically,​
 +   so a passphrase on the key doesnt help...
 +m. If you followed until here you made your archive run and accepting
 +   new uploads. Except they are not installed - you need another script
 +   for this in your crontab. cron.daily, look in the examples. Change it
 +   to fit your needs (disable billie for now as a first step, change
 +   email addresses), and let it run as often as you wish. I suggest
 +   daily or hourly.
 +n. Of course there must be a way to get the files up to the
 +   ​archive. Setup a ftp server to let users upload into
 +   ​queue/​unchecked. Only be careful that all files are read/​writeable by
 +   the YOURDAKUSERNAME or you will have troubles. :)
 + -- Joerg Jaspert <​joerg@debian.org>,​ Mon, 29 Nov 2004 20:04:27 +0100
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